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I was cold, wet and miserable when I got to the Jolly Brewer in Lincoln after trudging through the wind and rain to get there. It didn’t take long to warm up and dry off though because as soon as the first band hit the stage, the place throbbed with excitement. The Unknown Stuntmen were the support act for the night—a five-piece band who seemed to mix a number of genres, creating an exciting blend of music which kept the audience captivated. To put it in their own words:

“The Unknown Stuntmen are a collection of pirates that picked up an instrument each, tuned their vocal strings and set sail for anywhere that would have em”.

Their mixture of pop, folk and rock ‘n’ roll, with a hint of Spanish guitar playing, was a recipe for success with the audience either watching attentively or dancing the night away.

With three vocalists in the band, two males and one female, there’s a good variety in their sound with their voices and harmony’s complimenting each other nicely. I caught up with the rhythm guitarist, Dave, after their show to find out a little more about the band. He described them as being influenced by “anything with a good melody” and cited artists such as “The Beatles” and “Beethoven” as major influences. By being influenced by such popular and respected musicians as these, it’s easy to see why the audience took so kindly to the The Unknown Stuntmen.

Then Mojo20 has this to say….

The night was kicked off by ‘The Unknown Stuntmen’, who many might have already heard of in the Lincolnshire area as they’ve hardly stopped since their debut gig in early 2012. Now with multiple festivals, café jam sessions and performances in almost every reputable bar in the city, they have become a tight, well practiced machine that sound better every time they play. They start things off with ‘Vegas’ and follow that up with ‘Monkey’ and before they’ve completed the first two songs, you realise that this band offers so many things to say, the majority of which,positive. The structure of the songs, both vocally and musically is admirable, and it’s clear from the start that each member
of the band has had experience with song writing and live performance before. Particularly Zeph, who appears to exude a confidence in his performance that can’t be mistaken at all for arrogance or cockiness, but simply for comfortability in his seat, with his guitar and in his role as almost an unannounced leader to the group.

Their sound is versatile, and each song appears to have received the utmost love and attention when written.
No rubbish, no filler.
The vocals are layered with harmonies throughout, mainly led by the only female on stage on this particular night. Rachael’s smoky voice sits well next to the other vocal styles of the rest of the band, and maintains a feeling throughout that every single second of each song has been processed and manipulated to be as interesting and professional as the last. It shows, and it works by all accounts. With a brief pause to wish me a happy birthday, the band heads into one of their newest songs ‘How do you sleep’, a fitting addition to their set which is normally much longer, but on this night, two more acts are to follow so it’s time to wrap things up for the Stuntmen.

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